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Alphabetical List of All African Countries

Below is an alphabetical list of all African countries, along with capitals and the state names as they are known within each country. In addition to the 54 sovereign states in Africa, the list also includes the two islands still governed by European states and Western Sahara, which is recognized by the African Union but not the United Nations.

Angola, Republic of Luanda Angola

Benin, Republic of Porto-Novo (official)

Botswana, Republic of Gaborone Botswana

Burundi, Republic of Bujumbura Burundi

Cabo Verde, Republic of (Cabo Verde) Praia Cabo Verde

Cameroon, Republic of Yaoundé Cameroon / Cameroun

Chad, Republic of N"Djamena Tchad / Tshad

Comoros, Union of the Moroni Komori (Comorian)

Congo, Democratic Republic of the (DRC) Kinshasa Republique Democratique du Congo (RDC)

Congo, Republic of the Brazzaville Congo

Côte d"Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Yamoussoukro (official)

Abidjan (administrative seat) Cote d"Ivoire

Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti Djibouti / Jibuti

Egypt, Arab Republic of Cairo Misr

Eritrea, State of Asmara Ertra

Ethiopia, Federal Democratic Republic of Addis Ababa Ityop"iya

Gabonese Republic, (Gabon) Libreville Gabon

Gambia, Republic of The Banjul The Gambia

Ghana, Republic of Accra Ghana

Guinea, Republic of Conakry Guinee

Kenya, Republic of Nairobi Kenya

Lesotho, Kingdom of Maseru Lesotho

Liberia, Republic of Monrovia Liberia

Madagascar, Republic of Antananarivo Madagascar / Madagasikara

Malawi, Republic of Lilongwe Malawi

Mali, Republic of Bamako Mali

Mauritius, Republic of Port Louis Mauritius

Morocco, Kingdom of Rabat Al Maghrib

Mozambique, Republic of Maputo Mocambique

Namibia, Republic of Windhoek Namibia

Niger, Republic of Niamey Niger

Nigeria, Federal Republic of Abuja Nigeria

 **Reunion (an Overseas Department of France) Paris, France

 [dept. capital=Saint-Denis] Reunion

Rwanda, Republic of Kigali Rwanda

 **Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

  (a British Overseas Territory) London, U.K.

 (administrative centre= Jamestown,

 Saint Helena) Saint Helena,