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Black History Heroes

Mini-biographies on people who have helped shape Black History.

Historical Women of Color

Stories on several dozen significant Black Women in Herstory.

Afro-Latino Trailblazers

Leaders of Afro-Latino descent, across several centuries and countries.

LGBTQ+ Pioneers

Vanguards who have helped expand our understanding of gender.

Caribbean Revolutionaries

Caribbean revolutionaries and leaders across the ages

Education Series

Short and long videos on significant times and events in Black History

American Black History

American Black History, from 1619 to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Legends of Music

World Music is Black Music, and Black Music is loved around the World.

Black Facts Minute™ Widget

A Black History event that happened on this calendar day.

Native American Icons

First American History Makers

The Divine Nine

Stories of the 9 predominately Black College Fraternities and Sororities.

Kwanzaa 2020

Videos for each day of Kwanzaa

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Complement your workshops and trainings with Diversity Messaging that Educates, Inspires and Celebrates your organizations, client’s employees or customers about the contributions of Black and other Diverse communities by showing our Diversity Web Widgets on any internal or public-facing web site!

Being INFORMED is a driver for Being INCLUSIVE!

We deliver the CONTENT to help EDUCATE and INSPIRE and ENGAGE your Employees, Clients, Schools about Black History and Culture as well as other Diverse Communities.


  1. SIMPLE to USE – One line of code on any Webpage and it’s Done! Content is updated automatically each day.
  2. LOTS of VARIETY – Over 700 Videos and 500,000 Historical Facts and News Articles – with more added each day
  3. SUBSCRIPTION BASED – Manageable Costs, get as little or as much content as you desire – based on topic and campaign.
  4. TRUSTED RESOURCE – is the World’s First and longest-running digital encyclopedia of Black History since 1997 and is #1 for “Black Facts” in all 3 major search engines.
  5. CUSTOM BRANDING – Our Widgets can be customized with your Colors and Logo to solidify your brand as being on the leading edge of approaching diversity with 21st Century techniques

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Each Widget Series requires a unique API key, and is licensed on a per-series basis. Widgets are free to use for organizations with less than 10 employees, and are priced as shown in the Pricing Table on the right. Custom Packages of all types are available.

Widget Pricing (Per Series)

Businesses / Government / Other Organizations
Up to 10 Employees FREE
11-100 Employees $100 / mo
101-5000 Employees $500 / mo
5001-10,000 Employees $1000 / mo
More than 10,000 Employees $2000 / mo

Black Facts Of The Day™ Widget

Features headlines from several Black History events for the calendar day.

Wakanda News!

Black (and related) News from 35 nations across the globe!