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“Our Participation Is Mandatory For Change”: Symone Sanders Lends Her Powerful Voice To My Black Is Beautiful’s #HowWeWin Initiative

My Black Is Beautiful, a cultural platform founded by a dynamic group of Black women in 2016, is aiming to use its reach with over 2.5 million members, to shine a light on the effects of COVID-19, racism and voter suppression, all of which disproportionately affect Black people in America and abroad.

So I say all that to say it is really important that we are not only arming ourselves with information, which is why My Black is Beautiful is taking action, but it’s also important that we are demanding more from municipalities and state governments across the country, to make sure that this November, the video we saw in Kentucky, and what we saw in Georgia, with the long lines and absentee ballots that just never made it frankly, to folks, so they had to go to the polls—that it doesn’t happen again.

So that’s why I didn’t hesitate to participate in the My Black is Beautiful campaign because for a lot of folks, and I’m not even talking about first time voters, I’m talking about people that are, you know, that are regular, irregular voters.

And Black folks, regardless of who you’re going to cast a ballot for, make a plan to go to the polls and encourage other people to do the same.

So Black voters and people of color in this country have a right to be concerned, but the reality is that municipalities across the country are doing everything in their power, and I believe—these are Democrats and Republicans as well—are doing everything in their power to ensure that there are safe in-person voting options this November.