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African universities’ science faculties a mockery

African universities should discontinue their science faculties and concentrate their financial resources on the development of the arts, histories and music than misrepresent the sciences through presenting fake and passive models of the discipline of science. It is undoubtedly well-known that proper tertiary education ought to focus on the exploitation of local content, resources and solving of contemporary  problems for the benefit of all. For example, apart from focusing on philosophies to advance humanity during ancient times, Greeks developed schools of medicine to treat diseases and pandemics of the time. Hippocrates, a Greek doctor founded the first medical school at the island of Kos in Greece in 500 BCE. Among other developments that he made in medicine, he impacted the medical field to our present day, thus bequeathing the hyppocratic oath to the profession. The point I am making here is that an expectation raised and still unfulfilled is an affront to the well-being of the expectant. Such an expectation would be better off not raised at all, hence my suggestion that science faculties at universities in Africa should be discontinued because they raise developmental expectations that are not realised. They are largely a waste of resources that could be used effectively elsewhere. Africa is well endowed with the world’s mineral resources far more than any other continent on plannet earth. It, therefore, becomes logical that if we are to heed the divine principle that we are stewards and the more we are given the more we shall account for. For Africa to be comnensurate with her bountiful endowment of mineral resources, she should excel more than any other continent in the processing of her mineral resources  to benefit her citizens. Such knowledge can be attained from the universities’ faculties of science. It is also known that no country can create incremental wealth for its people without engaging in the processing of its resources — manufacturing. It baffles the mind to realise that in spite of the plentiful availability of mineral resources in Africa, there is no university in Sub-Saharan Africa that specialises in the teaching of the beneficiation of the continent’s mineral resources. Instead, foreign countries that do not possess such minerals import them from Africa and process them to sell finished products at exhorbitant prices to Africa — a sure formular of transferring wealth from Africa to the countries importing the raw material. Wealth is donated by Africa to developed countries indirectly through trade. Now, the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic on the continent has seen Sub-Saharan countries queue for vaccines from China, the USA and European countries in spite of these African countries boasting many medical schools at their universities. These universities have not developed a ventilator for use by coronavirus patients, let alone a vaccine. When one examines the causes for this paucity in development, one realises that it has less to do with lack of knowledge than with management — the min

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