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Timeline 1800-1859: African American History and Women

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• Ohio Constitution adopted, outlawing slavery and prohibiting free blacks from voting

• James Callendar accused Thomas Jefferson of keeping "as his concubine, one of his own slaves" -- Sally Hemings. The accusation was first published in the Richmond Recorder.

• (February 11) Lydia Maria Child born (abolitionist, writer)

• (September 3) Prudence Crandall born (educator)

• (January 5) Ohio passed "black laws" restricting rights of free blacks

• Angelina Emily Grimke Weld born (abolitionist, women"s rights proponent, sister of Sarah Moore Grimke)

• (July 25) Maria Weston Chapman born (abolitionist)

• (September 9) Sarah Mapps Douglass born (abolitionist, educator)

• (January 1) importing slaves to the United States became illegal; about 250,000 more Africans were imported as slaves to the United States after slave imports became illegal

• New York began recognizing marriages of African Americans

• African Female Benevolent Society of Newport, Rhode Island, founded

• Fanny Kemble born (wrote about slavery)

• (June 14) Harriet Beecher Stowe born (writer, author of Uncle Tom"s Cabin)

• (November 12) Elizabeth Cady Stanton born (antislavery and women"s rights activist)

• Lucy Stone born (editor, abolitionist, women"s rights advocate)

• (about 1820) Harriet Tubman born a slave in Maryland (Underground Railroad conductor, abolitionist, women"s rights advocate, soldier, spy, lecturer)

• (February 15) Susan B. Anthony born (reformer, abolitionist, women"s rights advocate, lecturer)

• (October 9) Mary Ann Shadd Cary born (journalist, teacher, abolitionist, activist)

• Frances Wright purchased land near Memphis and founded Nashoba plantation, buying slaves who would work to buy their freedom, become educated, and then when free move outside the United States

• (September 24) Frances Ellen Watkins Harper born in Maryland to free black parents (writer, abolitionist)

• Sarah Parker Remond born (anti-slavery lecturer whose British lectures probably helped keep the British from entering the American Civil War

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