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Thenjiwe Mtintso

Thenjiwe Mtintso , (born November 7, 1950, Soweto, South Africa), South African antiapartheid activist and journalist who occupied various leadership positions within the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) and later served in multiracial governments in South Africa from 1994.

Mtintso was the daughter of Hanna Mtintso, a domestic worker, and Gana Makabeni, a labour leader and ANC activist. She left secondary school to help support her family, completing her education by correspondence courses while working in factories. In 1972 she entered the University of Fort Hare on a scholarship and joined the South African Students’ Organisation. After being expelled for political activities, she moved to King Williams Town and worked as a political organizer with the Black Consciousness movement leaders Steve Biko and Mamphela Ramphele. She was also a reporter for the Daily Dispatch, a liberal newspaper edited by the white antiapartheid campaigner Donald Woods. During the 1970s she was subjected to banning, detentions, solitary confinement, and severe torture by the South African police. After Biko was murdered while in police custody, she went into exile in 1978.

In Lesotho Mtintso joined the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Zulu and Xhosa: “Spear of the Nation”), the armed wing of the ANC, and the SACP. After receiving military training, including in Cuba, she worked in Lesotho with the Regional Political-Military Council, which coordinated the ANC’s political and military activities in that country, and later served as head of the Regional Political-Military Council in Botswana (1986–89) and as the ANC’s first chief representative to Uganda (1989–91).

In 1991 Mtintso was elected to the SACP Central Committee and Political Bureau. Following the country’s transition to a multiracial democracy in 1994, she was elected as a member of the South African Parliament. However, she turned down an offer of a ministry and chose not to contest her seat again. She was elected to the ANC National