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Silk Celebrates the Power of Plants with Venus Williams and DJ Khaled

Silk launches its new “Do Plants” Initiative, which celebrates the good things that can happen when people make plants part of their everyday lifestyle.

Tennis champion Venus Williams and music producer and personality DJ Khaled, both advocates for plant-based eating, are partnering with Silk and will be featured in the new campaign.

“I believe in the power of plant-based eating, and as an athlete and businesswoman I always need to feel my best,” Williams said. “That’s why I’m working with Silk on something I feel passionate about – the amazing things that come when people ‘do plants.’”

The “Do Plants” campaign will include new television commercials, starring Williams and Khaled, which are now airing.

“I love new challenges and finding ways to improve myself, and Silk is a key part of my plant-based lifestyle,” Khaled said. “I hope this campaign will inspire others to give it a try.”

Silk will continue to celebrate plants all year with the “Path to Plants” digital series, which stars Williams and others who see plants as a vital part of their lives, and via social conversation using the hashtag #DoPlants.

Silk is launching its campaign at a time when plant-based eating is more prominent than ever.

“We’re seeing a growing trend of plant-based eating, with more people becoming thoughtful about the world around them,” said Rebekah Lyle, Director of Marketing, Silk Plant-Based Foods and Beverages. “Silk provides a nourishing choice that harnesses the power of plants and helps people feel good about what they’re putting in their body.”

The campaign also highlights why a plant-based diet can be a smart choice for people and the planet. Producing one carton of Silk Soy, Almond and Coconut Plantmilks uses 900 fewer gallons of water than producing one carton of conventional dairy milk and generates 60 percent fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Additionally, Silk is introducing a refreshed website that reflects its ongoing commitment to making plant-based eating delicious and simple. Silk helps people “do plants” every day

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