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O.J. Simpson

Orenthal James Simpson better known as O. J. Simpson was born on July 9, 1947. He was an American football player and is now incarcerated for numerous felonies. Also known as “The Juice”, Simpson briefly acted in a couple of films and was a football broadcaster as well. One of his accomplishments which got him famous was the fact that he was the first to rush more than 2000 yards as a football player. He set this benchmark back in 1973 and he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. A major record he set was that of 143.1 yards per game, something to be extremely proud of.

However, a decade later, his life turned around completely. In 1994, he was caught in a spiral that lasted for a long time. His ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered in June of 1994.  O. J. Simpson was the prime suspect but was subsequently acquitted of double homicide and all associated criminal charges after a lengthy and publicly followed trial. During this time, he spent his days with Denice Shakarian Halicki and Robert Kardashian in the Kardashian household and spectators saw Robert with a garment bag that supposedly had evidence linking Simpson to the crime. After prosecutors finished examination of the evidence (allegedly his bloody clothes and the murder weapon) in 1997, the findings of a civil court revealed him as liable for the wrongful death Ronald Goldman and the stabbing of Nicole Brown Simpson. O. J. Simpson was then ordered to pay Goldman’s father $33.5 million in damages. What followed was a lengthy and time consuming process of lawsuits filed against him by Goldman’s father to obtain right of property and negative publicity for the retired celebrity. In 2007, he was arrested by the Nevada police and charged with kidnapping, armed robbery and other felonies. He was then found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment for 33 years. He currently serves his sentence in Lovelock, Nevada.

His career before these unfortunate instances was quite eventful. He was awarded a scholarship

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