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Cris Carter

Cris Carter is a notable African-American sports figure as he formerly played football in the National Football League. The football teams he used to play for include Philadelphia Eagles, the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins. His most successful career years were with the Minnesota Vikings which made him a sports star.

Born on November 25, 1965, Graduel Christopher Darin Carter was raised in Troy, Ohio. He received his elementary education from Heywood Elementary and afterwards moved to Middletown, Ohio with his mother and siblings. There he attended Middletown High School, where he first began to play football and basketball. He was advised by a professional player that he would not make it as a famous player unless he changes his name. Following the advice, Graduel unofficially adopted the name Cris. Upon graduation, Carter received numerous offers from colleges for his remarkable athletic performance playing football and basketball. Eventually, he accepted the offer from Ohio State University. He became Ohio State’s first All-American at wide receiver after his junior season.

At first, Carter intended to play both football and basketball but later he shifted his focus to football solely. The decision was made in light of his recent spectacular performance when he set a Rose Bowl record with nine receptions. Cris Carter possessed athletic grace and quickness that other players lacked. In the 1985 season he caught a ball that a quarterback intended to throw, at the Citrus Bowl. A fellow player commented on his quick move as being one of the greatest catch in the history of college football. Subsequently, it was found out that Carter had signed a contract with a shady sports agent, which resulted in his dismissal from the team. His absence, created a great void and his college lost several games.

After leaving college, he went on to play as a professional player for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 1988, he became more involved in offense, catching 39 passes for 761 yards. A year later he became the teams’

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