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Can artificial intelligence replace emotional intelligence?

guest column:Emmanuel Zvada IT is clear that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how human resources (HR) personnel think about the use of technology. It is an undeniable fact that the traditional business function is being replaced with artificial intelligence. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the defining business opportunities for HR leaders today though the fear is if artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to displace all jobs. If organisations wish to remain competitive in today’s global economy, they must look at ways to incorporate conversational AI for HR transactions in their decision-making process and other practices. What is artificial intelligence? AI refers to technology used to do a task that requires some level of intelligence to accomplish. In other words, they are tools trained to do what a human can do. AI is different from ordinary softwares because it has high-speed computation, a huge amount of quality data and advanced algorithms. AI technologies offer significant opportunities to improve HR functions, such as self-service transactions, recruiting and talent acquisition, payroll, reporting, access policies and procedures. HR executives have faith that merging AI with their administration functions will benefit and improve the overall employee experience. AI is reinventing HR in a way not seen before by automating the repetitive task of hiring, onboarding, learning, and development, allowing HR teams to focus more on creative and strategic work. AI is being used in HR to automate repetitive, low-value tasks, thus increasing the focus on more strategic work. Many fear that the rise of AI will lead to machines and robots replacing human workers and view this progression in technology as a threat rather than a tool to better ourselves. Let me deal with all the fears and resistance of AI by enlightening all HR practitioners that they are not being replaced, but HR processes, systems and practices are just being reinvented. Why AI Adopting a workplace AI leads to more automatic processing of tasks that a company works through each day. It is crucial to note that the beauty of AI in the workplace is that with its aid, the amount of work that can be done in a day or two by employees, can be done in a matter of hours. This means productivity and efficiency is enhanced. Using AI in the workplace is also easier than many think. AI in the workplace allows a company and its employees to reach maximum efficiency levels, leaving more time for projects and networking. Substitute manual processes with automation AI automates processes eliminating repetitive, manual processes with automation. Think about how much time is wasted on repetitive processes that could be performed with automation. By automating many of the physical and redundant processes performed by your workforce, you can allocate more time, resources and brainpower to larger endeavours like sales strategy and customer satisfaction. Saves time A chatbot is a service powered by pre-programmed rules that you interact with through a