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Boxer Larry Holmes - Fight-by-Fight Career Record

Larry Holmes posted a remarkable 69 wins, including 44 KOs against only six losses, during a career that spanned nearly three decades. Holmes, whose, left jab is rated among the best in boxing history, according to Wikipedia, was the World Boxing Council heavyweight champ from 1978 to 1983. He also held the lineal heavyweight title from 1980 to 1985. He successfully defended his title more than 20 times and became the only boxer to have stopped Muhammed Ali in a title match.

Below is a decade-by-decade listing of his record broken down by year.

Holmes won the WBC belt in 1978 with a 15-round win against Ken Norton and defended the title four times by the end of the decade. The listings include the date of the fight, the opponent, followed by the bouts location and result. Wins are listed as W for a non-knockout win, TKO for a technical knockout, where the referee stops the fight when the opponent cannot continue, and KO for a knockout. Losses are designated by an L.

Holmes won the title in March and defended it with a seventh-round KO of Alfredo Evangelista in November.

Holmes defended his title three times during the year, all by TKOs against different challengers.

Holmes defended his heavyweight title a remarkable 16 times during the decade -- including the unsuccessful challenge by Ali in 1980 -- until he lost the belt to Michael Spinks in 1985.

02-03 - Lorenzo Zanon, Las Vegas, KO 6

03-31 - Leroy Jones, Las Vegas, TKO 8

07-07 - Scott LeDoux, Bloomington, Minnesota, TKO 7

10-02 - Muhammad Ali, Las Vegas, TKO 11

04-11 - Trevor Berbick, Las Vegas, W 15

06-12 - Leon Spinks, Detroit, TKO 3

11-06 - Renaldo Snipes, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, TKO 11

06-11 - Gerry Cooney, Las Vegas, TKO 13

11-26 - Randall (Tex) Cobb, Houston, W 15

03-27 - Lucien Rodriguez, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 12

05-20 - Tim Witherspoon, Las Vegas, W 12

09-10 - Scott Frank, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 5

11-25 - Marvis Frazier, Las Vegas, TKO 1

11-09 - James (Bonecrusher) Smith, Las Vegas, TKO 12

03-15 - David Bey, Las Vegas, TKO

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