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Patent Abstract: A double level metal interconnection structure and process for making same are disclosed, wherein an etch-stop layer is formed on the first metal layer to prevent over-etching thereof when forming the second level metal line in a via hole in an insulating layer thereover, by means of reactive plasma etching. The etch-stop layer is composed of chromium and the reactive plasma etching is carried out with a halocarbon gas.

A disposable undergarment for releasably securing an absorbent pad in a pocket located in the crotch portion of the undergarment and a method for making the same is disclosed. The undergarment is made with a body portion and pocket portion. The pocket portion overlays the crotch portion and is attached to the body portion along a sufficient portion of its peripheral edge to form a pocket therebetween. The pocket is sufficient in size to secure or store an absorbent pad or the like. Preferably, the undergarment is made of an inexpensive material so that it may be disposable.

Marc B Auguste Sr. is a Haitian born inventor, who before retiring as director of the Multimedia department at the Thetford-Mines College, obtained a Bachelor of Arts and general mechanics in Port of Prince, Haiti, received a teaching certificate in Paris, immigrated to the US where he studied at the RCA institute of technology in New York before accepting a position teaching electronics at the Technology College in Sherbrooke, Quebec in the late 1960"s.

Marc B Auguste Sr was instrumental in the development and the prototyping of a multi-purpose portable coin-organizer, which he shares intellectual property rights with his eldest son Marc Jr. and his daughter-in-law Jacqueline.

Conceived as an assistive device for visually impaired persons, this seemingly simple device comfortably fits in the palm of the hand and conveniently holds a multitude of different sized coins which can be extracted by a simple push of the thumb.

In the mid 70"s Marc Sr. relocated to Thetford-Mines, PQ where he still resides with his

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