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AARON WALTON: Blazing Diverse Trails In Advertising And Fashion With Integrity And Innovation

“I’m amazing today, and you?” says the receptionist. How many times have you walked into an office where you have felt trans- formed just by the greeting? The atmosphere at Walton Isaacson, under the leadership of Co-Founders Aaron Walton, Cory Isaac- son, and the“Angelic Troublemakers”they hire, provides just that experience. With an extensive client list that includes: Lexus, Intel, McDonald’s, Macy’s, MillerCoors, and Spalding; Walton Isaacson is an award-winning advertising agency that leads the way with innovation; creative style and continues to raise the bar and break down barriers. NBA legend and entrepreneurial icon, Earvin “Magic”Johnson was one of the company’s earliest investors and most fervent advocates. Co-Founder Aaron Walton has been a transformative and creative trailblazer his entire life.

Even in his early years, Walton and his younger sister Valerie, were trailblazers, becoming just two of only seven students who helped pilot Boston’s Metco Program, which sent black school children from the inner-city to the far more affluent Boston suburbs. “My parents, Homer and Patricia Walton came from proud, hard–working families. They instilled in us a strong work ethic and optimism that everything in life was attainable.You might not expect to get that from a black couple who married so young with little to no financial resources,”states Walton. Going to a nearly all- white suburban school helped Walton to broaden his view of life and to help break down stereotypes with fellow schoolmates.“It never occurred to me to be worried or hesitant to become involved in student activities and leadership because I was an outsider. I genuinely believed I could make a difference.”

Walton’s parents scrimped and saved in order to move the family to Bellingham, MA, where they became the fi black family on the block. Some neighbors had circulated a petition to prevent them from moving into the neighborhood. Undeterred by the petition, his parents continued to focus on improving the family’s lives and educational