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601 new covid19 cases, 26 deaths - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

SOME 26 more people died from covid19, while 601 more people became infected with the virus (based on samples taken between Thursday and Saturday), said the Ministry of Health's update for Sunday. Since Wednesday (December 1), some 104 people have died and 3,773 have become infected. The country now has 12,290 active cases.

For December, deaths peaked on Sunday at 26, while infections peaked on Friday at 984.

Since March 2020, some 2,262 people have died from covid19.

In all, 75,134 became infected, of whom 60,582 recovered. Some 457,734 people have been tested, including 196,569 at private facilities.

Some 526 people are now in hospital, 161 in step-down facilities, 86 in state quarantine facilities, and 11,002 in home self-isolation.

Regarding vaccination, some 648,920 people had the first of a two-dose regime, and 603,828 the second dose. Some 44,563 people had a single-dose regime.

In all, 648,391 people are fully vaccinated, whether by a two-dose or one-dose regime.

Otherwise, some 32,627 people have had an additional primary dose (known as a booster.)

The update said data from July 22-November 17 showed 89.8 per cent of patients in the parallel healthcare system had not been fully vaccinated, (that is, 6,408 out of 7,134.)

The December covid19 stats so far:

December 1: 19 dead, 658 infected.

December 2: 21 dead, 756 infected.

December 3: 17 dead, 984 infected.

December 4: 21 dead, 774 infected.

December 5: 26 dead, 601 infected.

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