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Tracy Morgan is the black American comedian best known for his years on Saturday Night Live and for his role as the eccentric TV star in Tina Feys television series 30 Rock. A stand-up comedian since the early 1990s, Morgan got his break into television with the Martin Lawrence series, Martin. That led to a gig as a regular cast member of SNL, and from 1996 to 2003 Morgan earned a following with characters such as Brian Fellow (Brian Fellows Safari Planet) and Astronaut Jones, as well as his celebrity impersonations, including Star Jones and Maya Angelou. He left SNL in 2003 for L.A. and a TV series, but a year later his show was cancelled and Morgan was in the news for clownish behavior off-screen, including an arrest for drunk driving in 2005 and another in 2006. Morgan joined 30 Rock in 2006 -- he and Tina Fey had been on SNL together -- and his personal life became fodder for the show, to the benefit of both.

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