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Shooting of John Crawford III

The shooting of John Crawford III occurred on August 5, 2014. Crawford was a 22-year-old African-American man shot to death by Beavercreek police officer Sean Williams, in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, near Dayton, while holding a toy BB gun.[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

A grand jury declined to indict the two officers on criminal charges. Crawford"s death led to protests, including some organized by the Black Lives Matter movement.

John Crawford III was born on July 29, 1992.

Crawford picked up an un-packaged BB/pellet air rifle inside the store"s sporting goods section and continued shopping in the store. Another customer, Ronald Ritchie, called 911. According to Ritchie at the time, Crawford was pointing the gun at people and at children walking by, and messing with the gun.[6] Ritchie has since stated “At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody”, while maintaining that Crawford was "waving it around".[7] Two officers of the Beavercreek Police arrived at the Walmart shortly after their dispatcher informed them of a "subject with a gun" in the pet supplies area of the store and Crawford was shot. He was later pronounced dead at Dayton"s Miami Valley Hospital.[8]

A second person, Angela Williams, died after suffering a heart attack while fleeing from the shooting. Her death was ruled a homicide.[9]

According to initial accounts from the officers, Crawford did not respond to verbal commands to drop the BB gun/air rifle and lie on the ground, and eventually began to move as if trying to escape. Believing the air-rifle was a real firearm, one of the officers fired two shots into Crawford"s torso and arm. He died of his injuries shortly afterwards.[10] [11]

Though after the grand jury did not indict the officers involved, a press conference was held where Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier presented the fact that the police officer shot Crawford on sight, as was consistent with their recent training.[12]

The shooting was captured by the store"s security video camera.[13] Crawford was talking

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