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No health minister in Brazil as coronavirus infection spreads | Afro

The National Congress had not said anything about the Teich resignation, but the former minister of education during the Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva government and left-wing candidate for president of Brazil in 2018, Fernando Haddad, published a tweet saying: “Who will be the next Health Minister?

After Mandetta’s firing and the announcement Teich would take over, Davi Alcolumbre, president of the Federal Senate and the National Congress of Brazil, along with Rodrigo Maia, president of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, shared a joint note criticizing the decision on Twitter: “It, to the whole country, at this moment, is certainly not a positive thing and it will be felt by all of us.”

It is a neoliberalism politic that trust that the market solves the problems; without public politics they have broken the public health system… In Brazil, we must fight against COVID-19 on one side, and on the other side mismanagement that has no respect for the people.”

“Bolsonaro seeks to imitate Trump with similarity in regards to the market and to money, but with a difference that Trump defends the interests of the United States and Bolsonaro also defends the United States but not Brazil, by dismantling Brazil with the privatization of the electric sector and the Petrobrás company, by dismantling social politics and by threatening the democratic rule of law,” he said.

Mandetta had been doing an amazing job and we were in agreement with his orders to maintain social isolation and quarantine,” said Caio Regatieri, an ophthalmologist and professor at Universidade Federal de São Paulo who tends to patients at Hospital Sao Paulo, which is in the public healthcare system, known in Brazil as the Unique Health System.

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