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Martial arts skills inspire Borntrouble’s movies

BY TAFADZWA KACHIKO BULAWAYO-BASED filmmaker Gift “Borntrouble” Wazvaremhaka has utilised his martial arts skills to produce action movies Dead End and Blood Eyes set for release in June and August, respectively. Although Blood Eyes has already been shot, Borntrouble said he would release Dead End first, which he expressed so much faith in. He told NewsDay Life & Style that his interest in producing action films grew after noticing a niche in the local film industry and believes that his films will mark a turning point. “I realised that there was a vacuum, very few filmmakers in Zimbabwe have produced action-packed films. As a martial artist, I was prompted to produce Blood Eyes and I am working on the Dead End. I believe the latter is going to be the people’s favourite,” he said. “I am aware that many people doubt the potential of the local film industry. They were disappointed by the local action films they watched before, but I want to assure them that Dead End is going to be a turnaround. I hired experts in martial arts and a good make-up artist.” The film will feature renowned actor Antony Tongani, sensei Sylvester Nyoni of the Zim-Chinese Confederation of Wishu, Primrose Tambu and Proud Solomon Tambu plays Skyyper, the leading role. Borntrouble first produced a non-action series Wakazvikanyira Wega in 2017, where he played the role Mukwasha. He later directed an online series No One Is Perfect and a number of skits that include Bhebhi reMonya, Tambai Mushe, Game Yemarasta, Uncle Nino.

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