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HSBC’s Decades-Long Celebration of Individual Differences Sets the Global Bank apart

Since its founding in 1865, HSBC has recognized the need for diverse perspectives in order to serve diverse constituencies. HSBC started in Asia – “H” represents“Hong Kong” and “S” represents “Shanghai” – but had a presence in the United States nearly from day-one; 1865 was also the year it began serving customers in San Francisco.

Diversity and inclusion have been woven into the international bank’s strategy ever since, and its US operations frequently serve a study abroad program in China for African-American as a cultural and commercial bridge between the United States and Asia. Case in point: a few years ago, HSBC USA’s head of private banking traveled to China with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The trip sparked a dialogue about how HSBC could leverage its Asia expertise to support the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Incorporated’s (CBCF) focus on global leadership for the next generation of leaders. The result was a study abroad program in China for African-American college students majoring in business or one of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, math).

This summer, the CBCF program is underway for the third year in a row, with 20 young African-American men and women immersing themselves in China, visiting major cities, attending lectures on the nation’s history and culture, and seeing many of the country’s most fabled sites. The program is partially funded by HSBC and infused with the bank’s local expertise and spirit of inclusion. Said one student who has taken the trip, it “opened my eyes to the opportunities that I may have in the future. I have also learned that a vast broad understanding and exposure to the world helps you both personally and professionally.”

“Acquiring a broad understanding of the world is the essence of what our commitment to diversity and inclusion is all about,” says Maureen Gillan-Myer, Head of Human Resources for HSBC USA. She leads efforts to attract top-notch talent by establishing the bank as a place that hires, develops, and promotes