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Former JDF soldiers offer solution to parking woes

Thompson and his partners — Major Winston Dwyer and Lt Colonel Richard Sadler — are the principals of Abacus Safe Park, which, the trio explained, has secured exclusive distributorship rights from an overseas manufacturer for vertical rotary parking systems in the Caribbean and North America.

According to Thompson, the idea to introduce the vertical rotary parking system to Jamaica came to him after he converted Abacus — a computer company he and his wife formed in 1986 — into a non-profit organisation.

Abacus's demonstration unit can accommodate six cars; however, most units on the market fit as many as 16 cars, with each vehicle occupying space that would normally be occupied by two cars, or sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in a regular parking lot or garage.

Among the other safety features are: Emergency braking unit; safety operation confirmation device; over-position — long/wide vehicle photoelectric detection devices; driver, car doors detection devices; parking position detection devices; vehicle in place prompt system; front screen for prompt information; alignment beams and vehicle in position lights; car plate identity — LPR camera; CCTV surveillance cameras; and remote monitoring and maintenance tools.

“It offers business opportunities, employment and also business development,” added Dwyer, who suggested that the system would be attractive to operators of supermarkets, car dealerships, insurance companies, airports, hospitals, private parking garages, stadia, and other companies that need space for staff and customer parking.