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Erykah Badu Vs Jill Scott — A Musical Open Letter To Grown Women

Ms. Scott played excerpts of Nikki Giovanni while awaiting Queen Mother Pisces, Erykah Badu, who admitted in true Piscean fashion later in the evening that she has no conception of time, yes, the mood was set.

The vibe made me began to reflect on the songs and the intense catalog of emotions, thoughts, lyrics, melodies of being a woman that both artists have expressed which lead me the realization that Erykah Badu and Jill Scott combined gave a complete journey into the complex layers that is womanhood:

With “On and On” – Badu begins with “peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned” showing the beginning of awareness on knowing that with every lesson if there is something learned it will always manifest itself as a blessing.

Scott’s “Rolling Hills” speaks specifically to the body-soul energy that is taken within a woman’s labia walls and the respect others should give it but more importantly the respect that a woman has to acknowledge it on her own (although she may falter many times from the “Crown Royal” moments in life – we’ll get to that.)

This is one of my favorite Jill Scott songs because of the lingering note, “GRITS” —

“Woke up this morning

Wit a smile on my face

Jumped outta bed

Took a shower,

Dressed, cleaned up my place

Made some breakfast:

Toast, two scrambled eggs, grits”

Although, in the song context, Jill is not referencing making grits for her lover, however,  let me go on record to say, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve made grits for a man because to stand and endure pippin hot grains possibly popping on my skin, meaning you dickmatized and loved me on a level that whether you know it or not, we go together now.

The conclusion of the battle must be said, the only winners in this was us because there is no competition when both Jill Scott and Erykah Badu collectively make up the whole experience know as woman with Scott being the beating heart and Badu being the glowing soul.

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