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Dr. Carter G Woodson: "The Father of Black History"

Woodson would choose the second week of February to celebrate Negro History Week because of the birth days of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. He also would provide many different types of black institutions with information and instruction on what Negro History Week was and why it had a need to be celebrated. Woodson along with Rayford W. Logan, Charles H. Wesley, Lorenzo J. Green, and A.A. Taylor would become true champions of the history of African people; they used the information they gathered through research to write about and teach an alternative history of African people, this story was different from what African American people were used to being taught.

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On the Shoulders of Giants is a mini eBook highlighting heroes of African American, African and Indigenous American descent. This eBook is an extension of my blog page On the Shoulders of Giants. This book and the blog page were designed to create awareness about heroes of the past and present who gave the world hope and

freedom. It is important to recognize and understand the contributions of those before you, particularly those of African or Indigenous descent. Our past is significant because of the plight we had to overcome and in some aspects are still overcoming, to be considered human beings.

This book is intended to bring awareness and give an alternative perspective of the history of Africans, African-Americans, and Indigenous Americas in North America. I believe the media gives negative perspectives of the history of nonwhite persons in North America. This book and the volumes to follow will bring light to the major accomplishments of non-whites before, during and

after slavery. I feel it is important for the nonwhite youth of the world to understand the significant impact people of their culture and other cultures have made.

On the Shoulders of Giants was created by Joseph A. Ward. Mr. Ward is a graduate of Florida A&M University and holds his

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