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The following are documentary films that recommends because of their presentation of Global African History. Most of these documentaries are available through

(No Producer Given) Njinga: Queen of Angola 2014

Abrams, Leonard Quilombo Country: Afro-Brazilian Villages in the 21st Century 2008

Allie, Ali and Reyes, Ruben Garifuna in Peril 2012

Apostolidis, Andreas A Place Without People: Tanzania 2009

Barnwell, Robin Africas Last Taboo 2010

Bate, Peter Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death 2003

BBC The Colour of Money: Colonialism and the Slave Trade 1996

BBC Fatal Impact: Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and Genocide 2007

BBC A Savage Legacy: Apartheid, Jim Crow, and Racism Today 2007

Boynton, Rachel Big Men 2013

California Newsreel Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man 2006

Deacon, Rowan When the Moors Ruled Europe 2005 Yes

Ditsie, Beverley Palesa and Newman, Nicky Simon and I 2001

Ekanayake, Sujewa Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution 2009 Yes

Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. Black in Latin America, Episode 1--Haiti and the Dominican Republic 2011 Yes

Gates, Henry Louis Jr. Black in Latin America, Episode 2--Cuba: The Next Revolution 2011 Yes

Gates, Henry Louis Jr. Black in Latin America, Episode 3--Brazil: A Racial Paradise 2011 Yes

Gates, Henry Louis Jr. Black in Latin America, Episode 4--Mexico and Peru 2011 Yes

Gibson, Brian The Josephine Baker Story 1991 Yes

Green, Fanni Njinga the Queen King: The Return of a Warrior 2010 Yes

James, Dante and Simonnet, Oliver Harlem in Montmartre: A Paris Jazz Story 2009

JCD & Associates, Ltd. The Merikins 2012

Julien, Isaac Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask 1996

Kavuma, Lovinsa Rape for Who I Am 2006

Max, David The Manuscripts of Timbuktu 2012

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