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Destiny’s Child

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R&B singers of the hit Say My Name

The music group Destinys Child was formed in 1990 as a novelty group of pre-teen girls; by decades end they had become a superstar female R&B vocal quartet. They later became a trio featuring Kelly Rowland (b. 11 February 1981), her cousin Beyoncé Knowles (b. 4 September 1981) and newcomer Michelle Williams (b. 23 July 1980). (Two earlier members of Destinys Child, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, left the group in 2000 and later formed their own band, Angel.) The groups top singles include 1997s No, No, No, 1999s Bills, Bills, Bills and the 2000 hit Say My Name and their albums include Destinys Child (1997), The Writings On the Wall (1999), Survivor (2001), Desinty Fulfilled (2004) and the compilation album #1 (2005). After a 2002 tour the group split up, at least temporarily, to pursue individual projects. They reunited in 2004, but announced that their 2005 world tour was their last and that they would leave Destinys Child on a high note and no longer perform together as a group. Beyoncé went on to a major solo career and later married rap impresario Jay-Z. Destinys Child did reunite for a few songs on February 3, 2013, during Beyoncés halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII.

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