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Cyber-Youth Network Launch

On Wednesday, February 3rd, for the first time in history, America's urban students will have a Web site specifically designed to address their educational needs and interests. The site -- called the Cyber-Youth Network -- provides a model for online education by offering students and teachers culturally relevant material that is both educational and entertaining.

With help from organizations like founding sponsor DaimlerChrysler Corp., the

launch of the program will showcase students from Washington, DC's Eastern and

Ballou Senior High Schools who, using the Cyber-Youth Network, will trace their

ancestors through the African-American Civil War Memorial online database, access sites about Black History Month and participate in a live video conference with African-American role models. The project is conducted in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with plans to expand the program to other urban school systems within HUD's existing nine Enterprise Zone Communities over the next year.

The launch of the Cyber-Youth Network will coincide with the first week of Black

History Month. WHAT: The Cyber-Youth Network will launch the nation's first fully interactive Internet Web site specifically designed for urban students, teachers and parents in recognition of Black History Month. More than 15 students will demonstrate the Network's capabilities.

CONTACT: Ann Liston or Carmelita Chavez, 202-338-8700 or 1-800-SKY-PAGE, pin

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