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[ad_1] (BPRW) NEVA ALLIANCE Launches ONLINE BUSINESS EDUCATION FOR ENTERPRENEURS Global learning and engagement to provide participants with information, tools and support to grow their businesses (Black PR Wire) New York, NY - Neva Alliance launches online business education for entrepreneurs. NEVA  ALLIANCE  GLOBAL  ONLINE  SERIES  designed  in  response  to  the  COVID-19 pandemic  to  address  the  urgent  need  for  in-demand  skills  to  help  business  owners  navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. We  are  pleased  to  announce  the  Neva  Alliance  Global  Online  Business  Series  is  available  to business  owners  around  the  world.  This  is  a  digitized  program  and  an  interactive  platform  for small  and  medium  sized  enterprises  (SME’s)  around  the  world  aimed  at  fostering  resilience  by providing business and management education, mentoring and global peer to peer networking. NEVA  Global  Business  Series  is  an  innovative  web  based  online  program  designed  to  help business  owners  with  skills  and  tools  to  navigate  through  the  COVID-19  pandemic  through practical  education  and  training.  Tailored  to  be  participatory  and  face  to  face  with  instructors these  modules  will  enable  learners  to  review,  revaluate  and  strategize  for  opportunities  for business  growth.  Participants  will  receive  our  E-books  provided  in  each  module  also  earn  a certificate once they complete the course.  More importantly participants will be joining a growing global network of peers and alumni in real time to share their growth and COVID-19 experiences together through our webinar series and live YouTube shows. This facet of our program is designed to grow a community that will create business  connections  with  peers  from  all  around  the  world  and  future  collaborations.  Our instructors  and  web  hosts  are  highly  trained,  respected  professionals  and  inspiring  successful business owners from around the world. Supporting entrepreneurs is one the core values of Neva Alliance, founded by DR. Neva Alexander a global   business   development   consultant,   global   entrepreneur   and   academic.   She   is   an extraordinary woman passionate about business, careers and growth. Dr. Neva is determined to create spaces and events for business owners to grow around the world.  Neva Alliance is a global initiative that has been offering education that fosters business growth for businesses around the world.  The  alliance  was  founded  to  provide  knowledge,  mentoring  and  networking  to  business owners to grow their businesses to greater heights.     We  have  over  the  years  hosted  events  and  conferences  in  different  cities  around  the  world, featuring inspiring business owners and professionals. In 2020, the alliance has been focused on our  web  based  programs  to  help  business  owners  navigate  COVID-19.  Business  is  changing  in response to COVID-19 and we recognize that we all require having the right information. In these ti

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