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Black History Month - African American Inventors

Patent absrtact - A smoke detector that comprises three different power sources. First one is the 110/220 volt AC house current, through a step down transformer or that can be hard wired into the home or factory. Second one is a moveable 9 volts rechargeable backup battery. Third one is a solar cell array with a plastic lens that provides up to 9 volts of current through a trickle charger/voltage regulator. The trickle charger also used to recharge the backup battery. With the trickle charger, the solar cell array can cause the smoke detector to alarm with only enough ambient light. The instant invention of the smoke detector unit overcomes the limits of the now market available smoke detectors, by being adjustable, moveable providing more current via the solar cell array to provide a complete recharge to the backup battery. Any voltage lower than 9 volts will lower the charge of the 9 volt rechargeable battery to the current 8 volts to 8 volts and so on up to 9 volts. So it is seen that a unit that does not have a voltage regulator system, cannot provide complete protection. This system will also overcome the need for a skilled person to install the unit.

Mary Beatrice Kenner invented an improved bathroom tissue holder and received patent 4,354,643, on 10/19/1982.

Mary Beatrice Kenner said the following in her patent abstract: A holder for retaining the free or loose end of a roll of bathroom tissue or toilet paper in accessible position spaced away from the periphery of the bathroom tissue or toilet paper roll. The holder is generally of U-shaped configuration with a pair of generally parallel legs terminating in hook-shaped components for engagement over the spindle of a conventional toilet paper holder and a plurality of spaced rod-like or dowel structures interconnecting the outer end portions of the legs for receiving the free end of the bathroom tissue or toilet paper therethrough for retaining the free end of the tissue or paper in accessible position. The holder also includes a pair of supporting