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Barack Obama Jokes - Funny Late-Night Jokes about Obama

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President Obama met with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. Obama said hes trying to figure out where to live if Trump wins. –Conan OBrien

President Obama is apparently interested in owning an NBA team after he leaves office. Youll know its Obamas team when they travel too much and never pass anything. –Jimmy Fallon

I want to wish a happy birthday to President Obama, who turned 55 today.

Big celebration at the White House. The White House staff sang to him. Then the president blew out the candles on his vegan, whole-grain, carrot prune loaf. –Jimmy Kimmel

Tonight, President Obama is going to make a speech trying to convince people to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. It’s a speech entitled, I Can’t Believe This Is Necessary. –Conan OBrien

Its been reported that after leaving office, President Obama is considering owning an NBA team. They say Obama wants to be an NBA owner because its his only chance to get someone on the court. –Conan OBrien

Donald Trump said in a new interview that President Obama visited a mosque yesterday because he feels comfortable there. Or maybe its just because its the one place Obama knew hed never run into Donald Trump. –Seth Meyers

President Obama gave a speech this afternoon in which he angrily called out Republicans for being too obsessed with his refusal to use the term radical Islam — or as Fox News reported it, Angry Black Man Spotted Talking About Radical Islam Near Capitol Building. –James Corden

The president has a lot going on as he wraps up his term in office, including the construction of his presidential library in Chicago.

It will be a place devoted entirely to Obama and his achievements — or as that’s also known, MSNBC. –Jimmy Fallon

So much has happened during President Obamas administration. Obamacare was passed. Same-sex marriage was legalized. He worked with 11 other countries to sign the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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