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African Americans in WW2

The second global war, also known as Second World War (WW2), occurred in 1939 and did not end till 1945. It is considered the world’s deadliest conflict in human history that claimed lives of millions of people upon political and military disagreements. The two opposing military alliances called Axis and Allies consisted of different nations. The main leaders involved in these alliances were Britain, United States, Soviet Union and Republic of China which represented Allies. Axis included Japan, Nazi Germany and Kingdom of Italy. Besides these numerous nations were involved one way or another investing their economic, industrial, military resources to the war at the global scale. The result was genocide of millions, remembered as the ugliest episodes of inhumanity in the history of mankind. The Holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany and atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ordered by United States claimed lives of millions of innocent civilians.

To stage a war at such a large scale requires equally huge manpower to sustain it. America always managed to stay at the center of conflicts throughout the centuries. Thus, World War II was no different occurrence for America as it ordered troops to join Allies against the Axis. African Americans’ involvement in the world wars also plays an instrumental role because they were drafted in the military at a huge scale. In spite of that hypocrisy of U.S military was quite evident as they segregated black soldiers. Moreover, they were not treated equally, giving way to racial conflicts. The African American soldiers were kept at a far distance from whites at church services, canteens, in transportation and parades.

Over twelve-hundred thousand African Americans in WW2 were sent overseas. It was observed that most black soldiers were appointed the task of serving as truck drivers and as stevedores during the war. As mentioned earlier the military maintained a racially segregated force, declaring black soldiers unfit for the combat. Therefore, they were kept from fighting in