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African American Inventors

Yes, this vehicle was intented to fly, float, and drive in two different directions.

Joseph Hawkins invented an improved gridiron and received patent 3,973 on 3/26/1845.

GM engineer, Roland C Hawkins invented a cover device and method for an electrical connector, and patented it on December 19, 2006.

Patent Abstract: A detachable device for covering an end of an electrical connector, comprising a non-conductive cover, sealingly attachable, and completely covering the mating end of the connector. An external end of the cover is generally planar with electrically conductive pads corresponding to the conductive terminals of the connector, and electrically connecting the pads to the terminals. The electrically conductive pads are arranged in a pattern, oriented to provide a single line-of-sight for machine recognition.

Biographical information and in the inventor"s words included below photo.

June B Horne invented an emergency escape apparatus and method of using same, and received patent #4,498,557 on 2/12/1985.

June B Horne wrote in the patent abstract: The emergency escape apparatus includes a slide device installed at a staircase, and includes a slide member extending at an incline over the stairs when disposed in its use position. In order to use the apparatus, the slide member swings about a hinge device connected at one side edge of the slide member between an upward storage position adjacent to the railing or the like and the incline use position over the stairs. Mounting devices fix the slide member to the staircase, and a latching device maintains the slide member in its upright storage position in a releasable manner.

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