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5 Rappers Who Have Actually Killed People

Famous people of all stripes have knowingly or unknowingly killed other people at some point in their life. Don King stomped another man to death. Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge, leaving his passenger dead. J.R. Smith, Laura Bush and Brandy have all been involved in fatal car accidents.

A handful of rappers have also ended other people"s lives, either through cold-blooded murder or other means. A few have been charged and convicted, while others maintain their innocence. Some have paid the price for their crimes. Others had better lawyers.

Ronald Herron, an alleged Bloods gang leader, also rapped under the alias Ra Diggs. Diggs" music videos have featured the likes of Waka Flocka Flame and Uncle Murda, who testified in his trial. He was convicted of three murders, racketeering and drug trafficking.

Prosecutors used his songs and videos as evidence. Diggs had been acquitted in state court on one of the murders. But he gave prosecutors the ultimate weapon when he rapped "beat a body," a presumed admission of guilt.

C-Murder was a member of the No Limit group TRU, alongside brothers Master P and Silkk the Shocker. The self-fulfilling prophecy of C-Murder"s name has been ridiculed to...*ahem*... death. The story goes that C-Murder was at Platinum Club in Lousisana when an altercation erupted. A 16-year-old fan, Steve Thomas, was beaten and shot to death as a result.

J-Dee (not to bee confused with Jay Dee) was a member of Ice Cube"s posse, Da Lench Mob. The other members were Shorty, Maulkie and T-Bone. Collectively, the group made its debut on Ice Cube"s groundbreaking solo album, AmeriKKKa"s Most Wanted.

In 2005, veteran San Francisco rapper/promoter Mac Minister was indicted on murder charges in what police believed to have been retaliation for the murder of Mac Dre. Authorities claimed that Minister and a friend avenged the death of Mac Dre by killing a Kansas City rapper named Fat Tone, whom they believed had taken out Dre.

The victim"s body was found outside a construction site in Las Vegas. Security

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