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2015 NEA Human and Civil Rights Black History Month Observance

It"s time to #RestoreTheVote: Lily Eskelsen García

What would you like to say to Betsy DeVos?

What educators are saying to Betsy DeVos

The Trump-DeVos budget: A wrecking ball to public schools

Lily talks about the cruel Trump/DeVos Budget

Lily Eskelsen García interviews Miss Ruby in her magical library

The Resistance to the Trump-DeVos agenda is here to stay

Lily Eskelsen García on MSNBC

This is what democracy looks like! Marching in DC

Lily Eskelsen Garcia visits Hawaii"s Teachers

2015 American Indian / Alaska Native Observance with Mr. William Mendoza

2015 Hispanic Observance with Dr. Juan Andrade

2015 Back to School Tour Visits Georgia

NEA 2015 Back to School Tour starts next week!

2015 Read Across America - Orlando, Florida

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García: Why use the NEA Foundation Online Courses?

A message from President Lily Eskelsen García to ESPs

The Civil Rights of the Whole Child for a Whole Education: Clinton School of Public Service

2015 NEA Human and Civil Rights Women"s Observance

One City, Two Schools. Time to Close the Gap

Keep our students and their families together: Lily Eskelsen García

Lily"s special message to educators

We Never Give Up on our Kids: Lily Eskelsen García

Lily message to Jeffco educators

Call to Action

School Equity: Lily Eskelsen García at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

"We Will Not Be Silent": Lily Eskelsen García On the Need To Stop High-Stakes Testing

From Lily to Dennis Van Roekel: Thank You!

Social justice activist Larry Hamm helps NEA honor Black History Month on February 14, 2015, at NEA headquarters in