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10 Houston Rappers You Should Know

Theres something in the Houston water and its bubbling. Not to the levels of its 2005 zenith, when Houston had rap in a choke hold. But were getting to that mark with every passing day. One luminary currently holds the #3 spot on the Billboard Rap Chart (Kirko Bangz), others are still churning out music with no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Its the new blood running Houston, filling up venues and tape decks with quality music, ranging from complete nihilism wrapped in gangsta bravado to introspection through a cloud of weed smoke. Its lush, its lovely and there are ten names to be wary of from the Lone Star States most populous city.

A noteworthy name for considerable reasons. If Kendrick Lamar had a symbiotic twin, he’d still support the Lakers yet live in the Houston suburb of Missouri City. That’s Cannon, a Stunt Team affiliate (he and Hoodstar Chantz combine for the sort of Riggs & Murtaugh sh!t talking rap everyone would love) with an impeccable sense of knowing when to drop a punchline. His Yours Truly (download it here) mixtape was released during the beginning of 2012 and remains one of the city’s most unappreciated lyrical voyages. More »

Cut from a different cloth, Travis $cott has made waves as a Houston producer and rapper without necessarily going through Houston to get there. He’s already got a track with T.I. (Animal) and a far more welcome and engaging cut in 16 Chapels. Hes down with ILLROOTS, and he’s been spotted in the studio with Kanye West -- a man who he gets compared to production-wise for his emphasis on tossing everything together to make anthemic, grandiose productions just for the hell of it.

A whirlwind in her own right, Tawn P boasts the two things that made Lauryn Hill almost a demigod for female rappers: non-conformist looks and the ability to switch between soul singer and fiery rapper without hesitation. The blonde dreadlocked Tasmanian devil is steadily improving as a rapper, slowly but surely finding a balance between

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