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Two double, triple murders push toll to 55 in 28 days - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

SEVEN PEOPLE were shot dead in three separate incidents on Saturday.

There were two double murders in Cunupia and a triple murder in Arima taking the murder count to 55 in 28 days.

The lastest incident took place shortly after 8 pm at Hassarath Road, Cunupia. Three people were shot in a gun attack. Two men were killed and one taken for treatment at hospital.

Hours earlier homicide detectives responded to a triple murder at Rose Drive, Carapo on Saturday around 2.50 pm after the bodies of three people were found in a beige car. The bodies of a woman, in the driver’s seat, and a man in the front passenger seat were slumped against each other.

A third victim, a man, was lying across the floor in the back seat.

Residents of the area said they did not know the car nor the victims.

And police reported, two men were shot dead and two women injured outside a Cunupia nightclub located a stone’s throw from the district’s police station around 1 am on Saturday.

This is the seventh double murder in the month of January.

CCTV footage shared on social media showed a gunman, armed with a pistol, shooting repeatedly at two men who were standing outside Roxbury Bar, Southern Main Road.

[caption id="attachment_998257" align="alignnone" width="1024"] The Roxbury bar, along the Southern Main Road, Cunupia where two men were shot dead on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI[/caption]

There were several people outside the bar who scampered for safety.

The gunman, wearing a blue windbreaker, fisher’s hat and three-quarters trousers ran towards Chin Chin Road after the shooting.

Officers at the nearby Cunupia Police Station were alerted by the gunshots and responded. The incident took place a mere 150 feet away from the station.

Investigators found Shaquille Ferdinand, 28, an off-shore worker, of Kernahan Trace, Dyette Road, Cunupia and Shaeed Jaboolal, 37, of Remy Trace, Longdenville, on the ground. Jaboolal who was still breathing was taken the Chaguanas Health Centre but succumbed to his injuries around 1.20 am.

[caption id="attachment_998256" align="alignnone" width="919"] Lydon Ferdinand, centre, is supported by a relative, as he speaks about his only son, Shaquille Ferdinand, who was shot dead outside a bar in Cunupia on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI[/caption]

The two women, Shivanna Khan, 40, of Polo Ground, Preysal Village, Couva was reportedly shot in her right leg and Rhonda Ropia, 41, of Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, was reportedly shot on her buttocks. They were taken for medical treatment.

Crime Scene Unit investigators recovered 13 spent 9 mm casings at the scene. Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations.

When Newsday visited the nightclub on Saturday at around 11 am, many patrons were reluctant to speak saying that they didn’t see anything.

At Ferdinand’s home, his aunt, cousin and other relatives were sitting alongside the neighbourhood shop trying to console each other.

Only Ferdinand’s father, Lydon, identified himself as the rest of his friends and relatives refused to do so.


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