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NGZ calls for exhibition submissions - NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) in Bulawayo has made an open call for visual artists to take part in an exhibition dubbed Umsindo: Lockdown Diaries, inspired by the national lockdowns imposed by several governments across the world in efforts to combat coronavirus. BY SHARON SIBINDI Umsindo is a series of lockdown diaries by artists in the form of an exhibition. NGZ assistant curator for Bulawayo, Clifford Zulu, told NewsDay Life Style that Umsindo was the unveiling of works of art created under mystifying circumstances and whose narrative was aesthetic. “In this context, Umsindo is referring to the sound of the virus, invisible yet so scary to an extent that civilisation had to stop, reflect and restart. Umsindo is bringing positive vibes and glee to a nation moving forward against the odds,” he said. Zulu said during the national lockdown, art in homes became the source of amusement and inspiration. “Zimbabweans are said to be resilient and forward movers despite all that life has thrown at them. Umsindo is instigating fresh conversations to the changing ways art and exhibitions are presented now and into the future,” he said. Zulu added that the invitation was open to artists from every part of the world to submit artworks echoing personal and societal lockdown experiences – broken hearts, medical breakthroughs. “Art never disappoints, art reflects the times, art records the moments good and bad so that in the future we can look back and reminisce. While we accept submissions based on all sorts of ideas, the gallery will be committed to exhibiting work that contributes to the ongoing lockdown dialogue, artworks that push artistic practice in new and interesting directions,” he said.

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