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Lagos coronavirus: 2,041 cases; 98-year-old woman, 25 others discharged

Nigerias commercial hub of Lagos is at the center of the countrys coronavirus combat. Lagos has the highest number of confirmed cases (as at April 4) and the state government has continued to roll out multiple measures to deal with the disease.

Lagos has in the past weeks suspended schools across the state be they public or private, 70% of state government workers were asked to stay at home last week with the most recent move being a weeks closure of shops and markets.

The state, with a population of over 20 million, has also been a major beneficiary of coronavirus intervention funds. Governor BabaJide Sanwo-Olu late last week announced a stimulus package to benefit poor people.

Africanews will put a special spotlight on Lagos and major coronavirus developments coming from the state. Our main Nigeria COVID-19 updates page is also available.

Cases pass 2,000, 98-yo discharged

Lagos Stats as of May 12: Data by Lagos State Health Ministry and NCDC

Total cases = 2,041

Recoveries = 558

Deaths = 33

Lagos State discharged 26 patients on Wednesday and among them was a 98-year-old woman, the oldest COVID-19 patient in the state.

The announcement was contained in a tweet by governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Wednesday night.

Today, we discharged a 98 year old woman, our oldest #COVID19 patient in Lagos.

She joined 25 others; 13 males and 12 females, discharged from our isolation centres after testing negative for #COVID19, bringing the total of our successfully managed and discharged patients to 528, the tweet read.

In Nigeria, two negative results are required for a patient to be discharged even though the NCDC has directed that even one negative result should lead to discharge.

Nigerias COVID-19 stats as of May 13, 2020_

Total confirmed cases = 4,971 (new cases = 184)

Total recoveries = 1,070

Total deaths = 164

Active cases = 3,737

May 13: 1990 cases, governor warns of imminent lockdown

We are in very very difficult times, these are no small moments for anyone, these are very very difficult times for all of us. In my last address to the state, i did mention that we are monitoring this ease unlocking that we have given to the state.

We are tracking how people are coplying, and I want to reiterate again that in the next level of days if we do not see the level of compliance that we expect to see, we will be left with no option than to clamp the system again, these are the words of governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

He was speaking on Tuesday at the swearing in ceremony of High Court judges in Lagos. He stressed that there was a delicate balance between preserving security and the lives of people. He tasked Lagosians to play their part by respecting all necessary regulations put in place.

The last lockdown on Lagos was imposed by the federal government after a spike in cases across the state. The Federal Capital Territory and Ogun state were also affected. A number of states have since imposed lockdowns and curfews to curb spread of the virus.

Lagos Stats as of May 12: Data by Lagos State

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