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[ad_1] (BPRW) THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC CELEBRATES BLACK MUSIC MONTH WITH SPOTLIGHT ON LGBTQ MUSICIANS NMAAM commemorates the 41st anniversary of the month-long observance with the theme of ‘Black & Proud’ (Black PR Wire) NASHVILLE, TENN. –June 2020 marks the 41st anniversary of Black Music Month. Originally decreed as a national celebration under the administration of President Jimmy Carter in 1979, the month-long celebration commemorates the achievements and contributions that African Americans have made to the American soundtrack. Today, with the anticipated opening of the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM), Black Music Month has officially found a new home in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. Music lovers from around the world can celebrate along with NMAAM as the museum executes digital programming all month highlighting Black musicians, including profiles of artists who are also LGBTQ, with the appropriately named campaign ‘Black & Proud’ celebrated in conjunction with Pride month.” BLACK MUSIC MONTH’S NEW HOME NMAAM, which is scheduled to open its doors Labor Day weekend of this year has become the new home of Black Music Month for two distinct reasons. NMAAM is the only Museum in the country dedicated to celebrating, educating, and preserving the legacy of more than 50 genres and subgenres of Black music. Additionally, although Black Music Month is celebrated across the globe, it was originally established by the now defunct Black Music Association (BMA) under the leadership of legendary music producer Kenny Gamble, broadcaster Ed Wright and celebrity strategist and NMAAM board member Dyana Williams.  Williams who is dubbed the “Mother of Black Music Month” has officially brought the observance home to NMAAM as she serves as chairperson of the museum’s Music Industry Relations (MIR) committee. “For many years, Black Music Month has been celebrated across the country at a variety of different festivals and venues including the White House, but I’m honored to bring it home to the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville,” said Williams. “This month is about celebrating everyone who is passionate about Black music across all genres. From the people who make the music, to all of the individuals behind the scenes in the industry as well as the consumers who buy and stream it in their homes. I could not think of a more fitting place to bring this celebration than a museum whose mission is to preserve the legacy of this rich art form. This was the goal that my co-founders and I sought to do more than four decades ago, and I’m delighted that this vision will live on at NMAAM for generations to come.” BLACK & PROUD 2020 As NMAAM continues to operate as a ‘museum without walls’ prior to the museum’s opening in September, it is also observing the month in a unique way across social and digital platforms and giving recognition to previously marginalized voices within Black music’s LGBTQ community. ‘Black & Proud’ is this year’s Black Music Month theme in co

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