BlackFacts Details Allows Parents to Give the Gift of Black History and Cultural Achievement to Their Children

This Black History Month, invites you to fill the minds of your loved ones, students and friends with more than gossip and negative stereotypes.  Educate and inspire them with the priceless gift of knowledge and awareness of their potential!

Boston, MA —, the internet’s longest running data-driven website on the historical and cultural contributions of people of color, is introducing gift membership offering at In the months leading up to Black History Month, is inviting the community to help educate and inform Black youth and students by giving them a gift that keeps giving back throughout the year.

• Learn about significant moments and people in Black history

• Get informed about minority business and professional achievements and inventions

• Be inspired by unique cultural products and services

• Receive inspirational quotes and speeches

• Access to historical videos, quizzes and game

All of this and more – as delivers cultural accomplishments to our members throughout the entire year. Because Black History is not just in February.

Additionally, members are able to contribute our historical and cultural archives by submitting new “Facts/Stories/Recipes” or recommend changes to existing “Facts”.

This capability follows in the tradition of African storytellers (“Griots”) who preserved the culture and history of their people – handing down that history to the next generations.

One of the primary goals of is to protect and preserve the history of our people. So much of the history of people of color has been lost over the years and educational systems are cutting back or totally removing the contributions of people of color from the standard history textbooks. In many cases, subjects like “Social Studies” which focus on diverse cultural histories have been cut from the school curriculum altogether.

All are being asked to consider sharing the wealth of knowledge and achievements with you children, students and friends.

Visit and click on the Gift Membership button.

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