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Contributor List

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Abe, Daudi Seattle Central College

Absher, A. Case Western Reserve University

Ackerman, Lauren University of Washington, Seattle

Adair, Zakiya University of Missouri, Columbia

Adams, Chelsea University of Washington, Seattle

Adams, Luther University of Washington, Tacoma

Adejumobi, Saheed A. Seattle University

Adeleke, Tunde Iowa State University

Agbor, Phylisha W. Independent Historian

Agee, Heather Berea College

Aguirre, Carlos University of Oregon

Aguirre, Michael University of Washington, Seattle

Agyeman, Kwasi H. Independent Historian

Alexander, Justice Gerry Supreme Court of the State of Washington

Alexandrov, Vladimir Yale University

Ali, Omar H. University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Aller, Henry University of Washington, Seattle

Amica, Jedidiah I. Berea College

Anacker, Caelen Montana State University

Anders, Tisa M. Independent Historian

Anderson, Erica Lee University of Washington, Seattle

Anderson, John Independent Historian

Anderson, Meg Independent Historian

Anderson, Susan Independent Historian

Andrews, George Reid University of Pittsburgh

Andrus, James Arnold Independent Historian

Anthony, David H. III Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz

Appiah, Kwame Anthony Princeton University

Arenson, Adam University of Texas, El Paso

Armitage, Susan Washington State University

Arnold, Laurie Gonzaga University

Asukile, Thabiti Independent Historian

Atiyah, Donnette Hatch Independent Historian

Auslander, Mark Central Washington University, Ellensburg

Austin, Hilary Mac

Baadom-Piaro, Bemene Berea College

Bacharach, Jere L. University of Washington, Seattle

Bachman, Walt Independent Historian

Baker, Benjamin Independent Historian

Baker, John Independent Historian

Baldasty, Gerald J. University of Washington,

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